DIN 51 522; ISO 6743-12; ISO L-QA/QC


Fully synthetic thermal oil produced from ester, non-toxic base oils and additives which reduce the volatility and prevent the appearance of cracking, deposits formation and oil thickening at high operating temperatures. It is used as a heat transfer medium in industrial heating systems, in the production of rubber, plastics, asphalt bases, chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries, in dryers and other industries. The volume of thermal oil at a temperature of 300ºC is about 20% higher than at room temperature. The amount of oil in the heating vessels should be adjusted to this condition.

Viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s)46
Viscosity at 100 ° C (mm²/s)8.9
Flash point (°C)280
Flow point (° C)-18
Package20L 180kg

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