DIN 51 502:KP 1K-30; ISO L-X CCHB 1


Lubricating grease for long-term lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, joints and other machine assembly blocks in difficult and unfavourable conditions such as: high and impact loads, vibrations, elevated operating temperatures and moisture influence. Good lubrication effects are achieved in bearings with number of revolutions from n = 3000 r/min and for value of Dxn = 600 000. Period of lubricant change in the lubrication of the automobile wheels is over 100 000 kilometers. Temperature interval of application: - 30°C to +130°C.

BaseLithium soap
Consistency NLGI1
Dropping point (°C)185
Weld load N2500
Package0.4kg 0.8kg 4kg 20kg 180 kg

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