Fabrika Maziva FAM is successful company with many educated employees. The company considers its employees, the most valuable resourse (their knowledge, competences, values, company loyalty, willingness to cooperate). Company is commited to providing for its employees safe work place full of challenges, where professional development and extraordinary performance is highly valued and encouraged. Company goal is to create dynamic working environment with mutual trust and respect of all employees, where each individual is responsible for company performance and reputation.

Being constantly developing company, Fabrika Maziva, wishes to attract talented, experienced and creative people who are ready to develop their abilities, knowledge and willing to work on their own professional advancement, and who will contribute to company success with their education and innovative ideas.

 Advanced training and education of employees is done through: lectures, seminars, symposiums in the area of FAM business activities, specializations, learning of foreign languages, training and testing in the area of workplace protection, professional examinations and postgraduate studies.

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You are ambitious, educated, talented, creative... if your qualities are mentioned on this list, we would be glad that you contact us.